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Search Arrays without server code (sorta)

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So it happens that I have a database field value that is a comma separated string of numbers. Classically, I would grab the field, turn it into an array, and search the array. Somewhat cumbersome and not really worth the effort of another function. That, and I would have to grab every record in the database, search through the applicable fields, and filter out the record(s) I need.

Me, being lazy, want an easier way to do it. Then I found this:

Then I came across this:

All I have to do is construct a statement like this:

SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE FIND_IN_SET(‘thevalue‘,Field_To_Search)

You can also use a variable in place of ‘thevalue‘ if you need to search for, say, a passed parameter.

In the end, I was given a list of one or two records that I can easily do the rest of the work for, instead of grabbing every record in the table and filtering after the search.

For the lazy folks, this is quite a good thing. For the non-lazy folks, this is still a good thing. The above query not only executes faster, the code weight is greatly reduced and also runs faster (tests show about a 40% increase in speed and a 50% reduction in code execution time).

Final thoughts; this now leaves me more time to either work on something else, or go grab some food. I vote food.


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October 15th, 2010 at 11:53 am

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